Bed slats R-4000 37x11.5 mm

Code: 00000

Bed slats are made of glued billets and are used to create a sturdy base for bed mattresses as well upholstered furniture.

Technical requirements:

The following products are used for bed slats production:

1. Rotary cut birch veneer in accordance with GOST 99-96

  • Grade I, II, IV
  • Thickness 1.15-1.3 mm

2. KF-EC TU 2223-035-00203789-2001 Carbamide-formaldehyde tar. Formaldehyde content in product ingredients and formaldehyde evaporation into the air corresponds to E1 class emission.

3. Dimensions

The product is made of:

  • bent-glued blanks and has a curved profile,  radius of the press plate outer radius is (R-4000 mm)
  • shape of the lateral edge is rounded.
DescriptionSizeAllowed deviations
Length, mm (L)610*-9101.5 mm/linear meter
Width, mm (B)37±0,5 mm
Thickness, mm (S)11.5±0,3 mm

*- any minimum length is possible after trimming
Slant should not exceed 2mm per 1 meter of  the detail length