OSB/3 (T&G-4)

OSB/3 (T&G-4)

Board with tongue-and-groove moulded edges along four sides

OSB/3 is the most progressive OSB type that is currently available. OSB/3 is developed and manufactured entirely in compliance with the current demand of ecological living focused on organic materials. Selecting suitable wood and binder, OSB/3 meets high standards of not only environmental buildings. Strands are bound with a formaldehyde-free binder. Formaldehyde emissions are limited to the natural content of formaldehyde in solid wood ( ⟨ 0.03 ppm ).

Standard: EN 300 - type OSB 3; EN 13501-1: class D-s1, d0; EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Formaldehyde class: E1 (EN 120) No added Formaldehyde


Prices with tax - 20%