Useful information

Certificates and markings

– (CE) mark of conformity to the quality requirements of the European Union.
- (E1) complies with the European Standard of formaldehyde content.
- (FSC) The international mark of responsible forestry.
- (PEFC) The international mark of responsible forestry.

- (C.A.R.B.) complies with the American Standart of formaldehyde content.

- (SINTEF) the goods comply with the requirements of the Norwegian Institute of Construction Researches.

- (T&G) tongue and groove connection.

- moisture resistant material.
- hardly inflammable material.
- hing-strenght material.

OSB certificates


Particle board certificates

Particle board-ENParticle board-DOPParticle board-E1

Film Faced Plywood (F/F) certificates

Plywood F/F-ENPlywood F/F-DOPPlywood F/F-E1

Cement bonded particle board (CSP) certificates